About First Buddy

First Buddy is the result of my wish to develop our own high quality gluten-free dog diets for dogs, in response to many of the enquiries we have received in the recent years from dog owners who had problems with their dogs such as poor digestion, poor coat condition or itching.

Back in 2014 we began to put together a list of ingredients we wanted to be included in First Buddy. It was – and still is – important for me that First Buddy is made from the very best ingredients, and that all of them are also suitable for human consumption.

First Buddy is made in collaboration with a Danish/German/Belgian manufacturer who makes diet for dogs at one of the most modern factories in Europe, complying to extremely strict European quality requirements for producing animal diets.

First Buddy is part of my company in Denmark, Gilpa Aps, wholesaler and distributor of diets to dog and cat.

Erik Aalund, Manager

The name “First Buddy”

“First Buddy” is named after the first Labrador, Buddy (Cynhinfa Grant), belonging to the people behind First Buddy, Lena and Erik Aalund.

For many years Buddy was the family’s favourite hunting dog.


First Buddy is working to establish a net of distributors. Would you like become a distributor of First Buddy in Your area?

Please contact Erik Aalund at contact@firstbuddy.eu or call +45 7526 4400.

Test of First Buddy gluten-free diet

At the beginning of 2015 we produced 4 tons of First Buddy gluten-free Adult in 14 kg and 5 kg trial bags. We had gathered a test group of around 50 dogs in Denmark, representing a wide section of Danish breeds and cross breeds among family dogs and breeders – and in the course of five months, all 4 ton was eaten by the trail dogs.

Almost all the “test pilots” reported back that their dogs was doing really well on the diet. The dogs didn’t wanted to eat their “old” diet, mas eating First Buddy with pleasure, the hypersensitive dogs have reduced reactions and dogs with sensitive stomachs experience “normal” conditions. tool volume is reduced and is almost odorless.