First Buddy Gluten-Free Dogfood - High Quality diets for dogs

First Buddy Gluten Free Dogfood

First Buddy is high quality Glutenfree and low grain dogfood for puppies, adult dogs, working dogs and senior dogs.

It was developed in response to enquiries from dog owners who had problems with their dogs such as poor digestion, poor coat condition or itching. The dog food is suitable for sensitive dogs and is gentle on the dog’s stomach. Tests have shown, that the First Buddy has a positive effect on sensitive dogs digestion and stomach, coat and skin .

First Buddy is made from carefully selected high quality ingredients. Among other things, it contains duck, rabbit, chicken, oil from freshly wild salmon, potato, peas, alfalfa and herbs. Because the primary sources of protein are duck and rabbit, First Buddy is the perfect choice for sensitiv dogs.

First Buddy is 100% free from GMO (genetically modified ingredients).

The high quality of ingredients also means a high digestion, and less food is needed to keep the dog satisfied and full. In other words, First Buddy gives you value for money.

First Buddy is added chicory root and dried brewer’s yeast (inulin FOS, MOS) which are good for the bacterial flora in the digestive system, so that the dogfood is absorbed better.

* Inulin FOS: Fructo-oligosaccharides – carbohydrates which are beneficial to bifidobacteria in the colon.
*MOS: Mannan-oligosaccharides – which help to ensure a balanced bacterial flora in the intestines, and promote a healthy digestive system.
MOS counteract bacteria that cause disease in the gut, and effectively prevent diarrhoea and infectious digestion-related illnesses.